Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hooray hooray!

I know I owe you updates on a million different things, from life, work, San Fran and knitting but I'm very excited about this so this is what you get today - a shop update!

Please welcome -
The PaperArmadillo Christmas 2007 Ornaments are here!

The ornaments I've been dangling under your noses for a while now are finally available in my store! Here's the scoop:

They come in two sets of three ornaments - Raccoons with a present, a sack of presents and tree ornaments; and Reindeer with a star, tree ornaments and a bunch of presents. There's also a Smiling Gifty ornament, sold individually.
They're all printed from original designs on my happy little Gocco machine on solid cream and chocolate brown cotton, with snowflake design ribbons. They're hand sewn and stuffed and packaged in neat cello bags with a decorative tags. They're all around 2.5"-3.5" tall (without the ribbon).

The sets (Raccoons and Reindeer) sell for $24 per set, $8 for individual ornaments, and the Smiling Gifty ornament sells for $6 each.

Come on and get them right here:
Merry Christmas, everybody.

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy birthday, girl!

Today is my sister's birthday. Yay! Big 24 for this sweet chicka. It seems like only yesterday we celebrated her last birthday. How quickly time flies.
Happy birthday, little sister! Many happy wishes, success, love and happiness. And all of you, please wish for her university strike ends before they decide to cancel the semester. She'd really like her degree.

How's moi? All's cool. I'm having a really good time here:

Photos and reports from our San Francisco trip with Ben last weekend, later, but here's the proof we were there:

I'll leave you with a photo of Sam's soon to be girlfriend - Scarlet!

Isn't she just adorable? Aunt Suki is very proud (And Uncle Emmet? He's as cluelessly cute as ever).


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Clocking in

And so, last night, I clocked out of the store for the last time. I can't tell you how happy it made me, but also a little sad. As much as working retail has stressed me out, worn me out, brought me down and drove me nuts - I did get to work with some wonderful people, learned a lot and did really well. Monday morning I'll be reporting at the studio to begin my new job, and I won't say I'm not nervous. Because I am.
Ant will say that I'm allergic to change. I hate moving apartments, changing routines, being overly spontaneous - I just get so nervous, like I can see only things going terribly wrong. But I'm also excited and thrilled and I can't wait to officially become an animation industry employee. At last! At long long last.
So this week has been mostly a countdown to my last day, plus entertaining Ben (remember Ben? Our best man?) who came to LA for two weeks, chilling and having some fun. I did get some knitting done on the Frankenstein Shrug and it's going great. I took it off the needles last night and it fits perfectly. So far - so good, but please cross your fingers for me that nothing bad happens to it, because with me - something often does.
I didn't draw much either this week, but here's something cute I did a couple of weeks ago, trying to teach myself to paint in Photoshop:

Came out quite floofy, ah?

And speaking of floofy things - check this guy out!

Aren't those expressions priceless? He inherited them from aunti Suki, no doubt.

And on other floofy news, my guys up at Schmancy are still for sale, so feel free to contact the store if you're interested. I'd love to be able to find them a good home.

And now, if you excuse me, I need to go to the optometrist to pick up my new contact lenses. Yep, my "blind as a bat" days are over. Well, for the next two years of constantly working in front of a computer, at least.

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