Sunday, September 26, 2010

Introducing... Mystic Forest Dwellers!

This year has definitely been The Year of the Plush for me. I'm participating in three major plush shows, I taught a class about making plush, and have been working on one major secret plush project that is finally ready to be revealed. It had its ups and downs, debates, setbacks, collaborations and contemplations - until it took its final form and shape. I am so very excited to introduce to you my new project - Mystic Forest Dwellers.

Mystic Forest Dwellers is a line of plush, handmade in small batches, of a unique set of characters designed by me. They are are a bit animal, a bit magical and always full of personality. The line is made of five regular forest habitants and future limited edition friends that will come for short time visit. There are additional products planned for this line, so stay tuned.

You can follow the adventure of the dwellers on their blog, facebook page or twitter (yes, they have internet access and they are not afraid to use it). And most importantly...

Mystic Forest Dwellers will officially begin selling plush goodness on Thursday October 14th. This week, we will reveal a new design every day up to the beginning of the pre-sale, which will be Thursday September 30th. Crack your piggy banks and make room on your shelves kiddos because we are in business!

The dwellers and I are so excited, we can't wait to meet you!

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Saturday, September 04, 2010

They Came from Planet Plush

Wow, the Plush You LA opening was incredible! If you saw me there and we never got to talk - sorry, I was running around like a plush headless chicken a bit, he he. The show is up until 9/19, and you can also purchase available plush online through Munky King right here.

These are my contribution for the show - my new mini-series They Came from Outer Space:

The Little Pilot

The Kuzbanian Marsh Dog

Admiral Ka-Blast

More photos here.
Part two will be in Plush You! Seattle, in october. Extra credit for figuring out the geek reference in these dudes.
Exciting updates coming this week, stay tuned!

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