Thursday, December 22, 2005

Oh gosh! (or - how some days are just GOOD!)
So, the day began with a breakfast of champions, rodent style. My first day as a full-time zoo keeper. We actually went to bed really late after playing D&D (yep) until 3AM. I didn't play in like, three years. Wow... Anyway, feed the pets, go to the gym - bla bla. I needed to do some stuff at the bank and other stuff, but I decided to join Ant and go to Best Buy. Some quality time with my love, AND - there's a Petco right next to it. Dah... So I go in and admire the little fuzzies. I've been a bit sad about Max outgrowing his cage, but time and room constraints (student living in the dorms. Yep and yep) always discouraged me from getting him a new cage. mainly money. I think i gave up on the building him a new cage a while ago. Anyway, so I wander around Petco, collecting some juicy piggy snacks, when I decided to finally get Max the cage. The money from my IDF release funds finally arrived (thanks Mom!), and I figured - now or never.
I'll spare you the debates we had about which cage is nice yet affordable. We finally found one I could live with and would make The Pig happy. I go to pay - and OH GOSH! The cage was originally $99, which is fair. It was discounted to $74, which was not bad, but when the cashier rang it up... it was $25!!! Ant wanted to flee immidiately, but I had to be the good girl and ask. And lo and behold - some stupid (and now jobless) clerk inserted the DISCOUNT amount into the PRICE field of whtever stock database the store is using. HELLO! Huge, brand new cage for $25?! Hell yeah!
So now Max's got a home with a patio, he's pretty darn happy, and I'm pretty much through the roof. I still can't believe it. Add to that the fact that Ant found two DVDs he was looking for for half off of the Amazon price, we concluded that it was a good omen of some sort and that that was the time to buy a new car, or a house (or both). Who knows what discounts we'd get on those...

And that's from yesterday - my first X-Mas tree! And Max and Mixie getting to know each other (from a baby safe distance).

Tomorrow I swear I'll talk about yarn, knitting AND film making. I swear.


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