Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Happy Hanukkah! (at last)
Finally I got my menora (or Hanukkah, as one of my other Israeli-American insists on calling them, still). It's this Hanukkah kit that's originally for kids. It comes with candles, a tin menora that's kind of a box to hold everything, some draydels (sevivonim) and, of course, chocolate coins (gelt). I made the mistake of ordering a whole box of Elite chocolate milk ones, and I'm trying to get rid of them, still. Want some? Now we're really a mixed religion family. Ant even says "Amen" properly. I didn't make him repeat the blessings with me. I sing them too, as it is our tradition. Happy.

And now for something completely different: yarn. Lots of it, in lots of colors. The first attempt was of hot pour dye. This is Kool-Aid dying, though, and I made the solutions WAY watery. Before I knew it, The yarn was literally swimming in boggy water. I steamed it afterwards in some red and purple Kool-Aid, and it ended up looking kind of ok. I intend on kntting my first pair of socks from it. Yep.
The second yarn came out much better. It's still Kool-Aid, but it's dip dyed this time. It came out a lot lighter and less intense. It didn't drink the dye as much as I hoped. But I still like it. Maybe I'll make a pair of footies from it. Or something.
Only thing I wish is that the entire yarn took the dye evenly. For some reason, with this yarn (100% merino) one strand took the dye way darker. Which is strange, because the other yarn which is 50% merino 50% alpaca took the dye perfectly evenly. Mistake in labeling? It's a great seller, though. No complaints. I like the yarn too, make no mistakes about that!
Ahh... I think I finally got it. Dip dye again, from a second stack of Kool-Aid, purchased in a hurry Xmas day. I made a mistake in the labeling, though. The name of the tune it was named after the famouse "Blue in Green". By whome? Ah? See who knows this. I think I'll reproduce this in the future, maybe for sale on Etsy.


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