Tuesday, May 02, 2006

An Even Better B-Day!

Look what my AMAZING boyfriend got me for my birthday!!! I just can't help but brag, can you blame me?

There's some really pretty patterned paper, chocolate (dark and delicious), the first season of The Muppets Show, a Xyron 510 machine (!) and MY VERY OWN SINGER SEWING MACHINE!!! Am I happy? Can you spell YES?!
We're soon off to eating much sushi and mochi and spend some quality time together before going back to the loveliness of making a portfolio. Thanks for all your happy B-Day wishes!

I'll leave you with some (blurry) closeups of my new fortunes. Ta-ta!

And a happy B-Day to the state of Israel - 58 years of independance! And may peace come before she turns 59. Amen.


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