Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Updates part uno

So I'll have to split my many updates into multiple entries or blogger will pass out. Ok, first things first - than you's galore:
Thank you Dorothy! My project colorswap for april (yellow and orange) is a cool grandma to a cutie little girl who insisted on making her dream of going to school come true - who cares when? So funny, we're both straggling with deadlines - and pals! And yeah, she knew what I need - chocolate and coffee. There's also some awesome sock yarn, a cute dish cloth and some lovely smelling soap and candle. Thank Dorothy! you rock the school!

Thank you so much Secret Pal 7 pal! Look what I got in my last package: there's a drop spindle, a spinning book and some awesome fiber - alpaca and merino. I can barely take my hands off it, so soft... I tried spinning some a couple of weeks ago, but had very little time and patience... Which I will have soon, sitting on MY couch, in MY living room and hopefully, with Ant and our own kitten and puppy next to me.

Because, yeah! We signed the leasing agreement last week, and this lovely apartment is ours for a while. We went there today to take mesures and figure out which furnitures to get. And we looked at some small stuff (the big IKEA trip is for this weekend). We even got our first thing: it's a tiny little kitten shaped bowl for soy sauce for the TONS of sushi we'll make together. Isn't it cute?

More updates tomorrow.


At 7:08 AM, April 26, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad the package arrived safely and that you liked it! I'm so excited for you with your first apartment. There is nothing like that first thrill of having your own place and furnishing it the way YOU want. I hope you have many happy hours of knitting there (and can't wait for the puppy!)


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