Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Giving credit when credit's due
I was really busy last week, so I didn't get to show you one of the most fun things I got in the mail: it's the swap package I got from Tania in exchange for some recipe cards! I'm so excited to have someone as talented as Tania even agreeing to swap some goodies with me, such a huge compliment. So many happy goodies...
I got a little "postal stamp" birdie picture (that will soon hang proudly in my studio), a couple of hand printed cards, loads of cute stickers, some cute buttons, a stamp that says "Green" (perfect for tree hugging me!), a guinea pig eraser (that I think I'll turn into a necklace, a la Nano Bonbon, some cool paper tags, stationary, green tea candy - and a Czech exercise book (and I still have my breath, phew).
The Czech book is really a sentimental one, because my late grandfather was Czech, and very proud of it. When I went there for a few days after the delegetion Poland trip (visiting concentration camps as is the Israeli high-school tradition), he was trying to teach me some words in Czech so I can get along there. It was very sweet, a man badly senile, that would ask me the same question three times in a row, but he remembered all the words I might find useful.

And on a less sentimental note, go and read Neil Gayman's "Anansi Boys". It's a good and a funny one. And If you get the Audible version (which is the only way I can intelectually enrich myself these days), get the Lenny Henry version - he does good Carribean accents.


At 11:39 AM, April 19, 2006, Anonymous tania said...

so glad you enjoyed the package-
i love my recipe cards!


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