Saturday, March 11, 2006

Look Ma! I made mochi!
I made mochi tonight! (If you didn't know, mochi is this Japanese candy made of rice flour and sweet bean paste, with particularly interesting texture and flavor) The round ones have peanut butter inside, the square ones have sweet bean pase, and the ovals are filled with dolche de leche. All pink with the assistance of some natural food coloring. Yummi!
Ant and I are going to try these soon. He he...That's a lot of fun...

Update: Ant, J and D (our roommates) tasted and loved it! It came out just like it's supposed to (maybe a bit overstuffed), meaning "it's smooth like a small child" (Ant) and "it's like the flesh of a kitten" (J). I didn't make this up. Hey, I'm glad everyone liked it...


At 6:14 AM, March 24, 2006, Anonymous koalajoe said...

I love mochi!!! I find it a bit difficult to make so I always buy ready-made ones. Maybe the method I used was wrong...

"smooth like a small child", "it's like the flesh of a kitten"

LOL! Grossly hilarious mental picture!!!


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