Sunday, February 19, 2006

Can you tell that I got "a little" excited about my gocco last night? I planned those little "present girl" notes when I realized I was wasting a lot of good paper cutting the recipe cards out of lager sheets of cardstock. I used the same screen (I ran pretty low on those due to my vast experimentation the past couple of days) for the little image, the ribbon and the full "Paper Armadillo" logo. I'm so hooked it's beyond reasonable.
I started with yellow ink, but it wasn't showing very well on the purple and pink tags (and discovered, at the same time, how much ink you really save when you surround it with the ink blocking thingy), so I changed to pink. All of a sudden I had lots of ink to use all of a sudden, and not enough cards. So I dug up all the envelopes for my future cards, and some I just use for the bills (...) and printed like a nutter. It was fun.
And then I printed on some ribbons I got at Michael's the other day. I got so inspired by Liquid Sky Arts gift wrapping. I used the fabric ink, but it didn't take ironing that well. So I didn't, because it's not like I'm going to wash them, right?
And so my room looked a bit like that last night:

And here are some better looks:

Now I really need to get working on my film. Gevaalt...


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