Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Finished and started
At long last, I finished Wavy which was hunting me forever. It came out a bit short, I could have used another ball, if I had the patience to knit any more of it. I ruined the pattern in the end of the second repeat and preferred to keep it that way. It's a bit short. But it's super warm, and the green somehow makes me pretty happy. A B will be a fair grade. The main problem was the yarn and needle combo - this yarn was slipping off my cheappy aluminum needles like nuts. I also realized that I don't like this type of single ply. It either goes loose or tightens up so much that it was hard to keep the stitches even. And the yarn would keep getting tight and roll on itself and I'd have to unwind it. Ant loves the hat I made for him from it, but I'm far from being in love. Did I mention it sheds more than my cat Clio?
Pattern: Wavy by Sarah Smith, Knitty Winter 2004.
Yarn: Valley Yarns - Berkshire in "Lime", two balls. wool 85%, alpaca 15% 100 gr/141 yrads

And then... I started two new projects:

My dear French friend S has a sweety of a baby girl, and since he started teasing me about my knitting - I decided revenge is due! Et voila - I'm making he a Kate (any suggestions for the french name?). I'm making a variation on the pattern: she's going to be smaller - thinner yarn on #2 US needles, she's going to have a red t-shirt instead of shirt and pants. I'm also going to have to embroider the eyes because I really can't find proper safety eyes anywhere. S, if you start complaining, I swear... ; )

I also started Midnight Knitter's Karaoke Cable Scarf. I'm using the Artyarns Supermerino I got a while ago (hooray to stashbusting, although my stash is really small actually). I'm not in love with the color, but it's slowly growing on me. I also changed needle size from #7 US to #6. I'm using my circular #6 because I was too lazy (and broke) to get new needles. And also because I'm getting pretty fed up with the 14" aluminum ones I got in the beginning of my knitting career (october?). I got so picky in such a small period of time... ; ) Hey, I'm trying cables now, that's something...


At 8:39 PM, February 17, 2006, Blogger Beverly said...

I love how the yarn is knitting up...I've been wanting to make that scarf.


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