Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Moving on
I vanished for a few, I know. I did some thinking, some knitting, some pondering, some glooming, and I've sawn this little guy. Artists' issues, I'll spare you. But now I can safely say that stuff is moving on.

I was thinking about my grandma today. I was looking for yarn for my SP7 lady, and came across some Debbie Bliss I wanted for making The Somewhat Cowl (it calls for another yarn, but I'm cheap and I don't think alpaca agrees with me). The color was the bigger problem, see - I love color to death, but I wear about three colors: black, black and black. I do have some other colors in my wardrobe, but I always end up wearing something dark or muted. So much so, that if I wear anything light people ask me if I'm going out somewhere. I kid you not. Makes my sock color choices seem quite funny now, right?
Anyway, I was looking at different colors of yarn, and also found black. Which I was thinking quite seriously about. And then I remembered how my grandma once refused to knit me a black sweater (I was a teen, and I was going through a phase). She said she couldn't see what she was doing. And now, when I'm knitting, especially after knitting my SP surprise present in dark purple - I agree. She knew what she was talking about. I wish I could call her and remind her of that, and laugh with her about it. I don't even think she knows I'm knitting. She's not "quite there" anymore. When I'll be knitting this guy (in teal, eventually), I'll be thinking about her. Knitting sweaters. Moving on.

Ant and I began looking a bit more seriously into apartments in the city. some parts of LA seem feasable, so I'm not all hung up on Santa Monica. In the end, wherever we can get a good 2 room in a reasonable area - will win. I'm already thinking about all the stuff I'm going to make for it. Moving on.


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