Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I have a pal!
SP7 started yesterday night, and I'm pretty darn excited! It's the first time I'm doing this, and all I can think about is how to cranck out as much fun out of the budget (because I can't really get over it much, and I can't help but get overly excited. Ant might get jealous...) we have. And then, I got my very own pal writing to me this morning (yeepee!). Fun, fun, fun!
Speaking of fun, check out this cutie guy on the right: it's a Totoro I got at Japan Town in San Fran this summer. Note - he's all knit! Wanna try? In the tradition of Knitty, I'd say the difficulty level is Vindaloo. He he... (it's probably not that difficult, but I'm such a beginner who can't even graft...)
And another cute thing - my kitty Cleo, photographed by Sis (thank you!). She's been "my" kitty until I left for the States and now the silly cat can't even remember my name... She used to run to the telephone and meow at me when I'd talk to my mom. Cute and cuddly thing...


At 1:46 PM, January 15, 2006, Anonymous Meirav said...

You're welcome sis.

Naaaa! Totoro!


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