Thursday, January 05, 2006

Lousy yesterday
I should really stop watching so much CNN. I get overly depressed way too quickly. So what went wrong yesterday... Let's see...
I woke up too late to go to the gym. I got a haircut (which was probably the highlight of the day, although my cut isn't anything spectacularly exciting). I got home just to hear that PM Sharon had another stroke, and this time it's bad (not that I love him that much, I just think that if Israel was in bad political shape before - it's nothing compared to what's to come), the poor miners' story was really depressing too, and the news coverage was even worse (I wish, I wish, I wish we had BBC here...). I wish I wasn't such a news addict, but I guess my military experience will never leave me in that aspect. Sigh...
So after I came home from some essentials shopping (the chocolate cache was emptied very quickly. Those Hannukah chocolate coins were too good. And if I was in Israel right now, I probably wont touch an Elite plain milk-chocolate), I went into beginning my Midnight Knitter socks. Oh, yeah, I finished one of my domestic socks just to realize that: a) it was really screwed up construction-wise. b) I really didn't want to work on it anymore. c) I didn't have enough yarn to finish it (did I mention that I'm a bigfoot yet?).
So I decided to start a toe up sock this time, so I can get a sock as tall as possible. Well... My lovely pattern calls for invisible cast on. That was frustration point #1. Two books and one video tutorial (and three hours) later I even learned how to knit off it. Phew. Warning - don't get near me when I have 5 disobedient DPNs in my hands. Even the piggies were hiding. So after I was like 8 rows into the increase, I decided that I didn't like the wedgy feel of the toe, and that I've seen somewhere a toe that's completely round that was knit toe up. Frustration point #2. Took me another two hours to realize I was wrong. Grrrrr....
By the time I got back to the original toe and finished increasing it, it was 3:30AM. Yep. #3.
Ho, and did I mention that Santino won the latest challenge? That obviously didn't help. Some days are just sucky.


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