Monday, January 02, 2006

Updates galore
Before I forget, don't forget to sign up to Secret Pal 7 - only two days left!
Let's start with the most exciting stuff - I actually finished a heel! Well, it's too short, but it's a real heel! It was quite a few rows after I finished it when I realized that I should have made more pairs than the pattern (which was for a size 8/8.5 foot, while mine is 9/9.5) called for. They were also meant to be way longer, but I really don't think I'll have enough yarn for that, especially considering that I'm such a bigfoot. They're going to be my cozy domestic socks anyway, so I'll just have to make the other sock screwy (on purpose) too. I tell you this much - I can already tell they're going to be cozy and comfy and warm. Which is good, because if you didn't watch the news yet - SoCal is pretending to be England these days (cold and raining, to Ant's delight...).

Yarn! I finally got to skein my kona superwash yarn (that got rained on while hanging outside to dry on New Year's Eve). I love the way the dip-dyed "Bird" (green, red and dark red) came out. The other (pink, red and purple) is called "Ella". Anyone who can guess what's the theme running through my naming will win one skein of sock yarn in the color of your choice. Comment away!
another update is Rudolfo: I won't disclose all the preceding events to it, but he was adopted yesterday by our dear friends N and C. He's going to have a great home and some wonderful new pair of owners. Yeepee!
My family sent me some photos of my cousins new (and first) baby boy. I have photos, but to preserve his privacy, I won't post them. Believe me, he's cute.


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