Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy new one!!!
...And so I ran out of all the excuses for not working out/not finishing projects/not writing people/fill in the blank. I'm evil, I admit. It's been an interesting year. I made some new friends, learned some new skills, spent way to much time being sick, started some new habits (and let's not forget some stinking habits I actually stopped, ha!), made myself feel both better and worse, made some other people feel better (even if just a bit). I almost started a garden, I kind of started a zoo, hey - I started this blog!
But mainly I learned too important lessons:
1) Life's too darn short to get an ulcer from anger and hatred. I now refuse to have a**holes ruin my day.
2) I need to stick to my own convictions as an artist and stop trying to aim at a job, a studio or a teacher's preferences. Integrity, integrity, integrity.

Happy new one, everybody.


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