Friday, January 13, 2006

FOs - finally!
Never thought I'd do it, right? Here we go (almost) from beginning to end:

Fuzzy scarf
That's the only novelty yarn I ever did and forever will use. It's actually pretty nice, it's Paton's Bohemian in Beatnik Blues. It's not super fuzzy, just about enough so you don't really see the stitches. It's very cozy and was very comfortable to wear when I was sick. I put the felt heart on because I needed some detail on it... And it stuck! Almost all of my knits do and will have the heart.

Ant's scarf
I made this uber long Burbery like scarf. It's acrylic, not of the nastiest types, don't remember which brand. The only think I'm pissed of is that I didn't know at the time how to prevent the rolling in, so it doesn't lie flat. It's k4, p2 rib, which I quite like. Shamefully, this winter has been a joke so far in the lovely So-Cal so not many scarving days this year...

Tubular scarf
I just wanted a medium width multi colored scarf, but it rolled, oh did it roll... It rolled so much I decided to saw it into a tube. Came out kind of cute, in the end. In retrospect, the color combo is a bit kiddish, but I've been known to be in a kiddish mood. Occasionally...

Alpaca scarf
This is my first taste of natural fibers (leading to the expected "yeach, acrylic!"), with No-No Kitty in fuchsia. Soooooo nice and soft. I made this pattern this time, with long stitches and stuff. Sadly, I listened to the "yarn doctor" at Michael's and tried some lining to prevent the rolling thing. Didn't work. And I think I made it a bit itchy when I washed it. I love it anyway.

...In the meantime
I knit a baby hat for my cousin's newborn son using a revised pattern from Alterknits. It was spooky because it was my first DPN work (and I only had 4!) plus, my mom thought the baby was due much earlier, so I had to knit fast. Which led to some major oops neatly covered with a felt ducky patch.
I also started the task I feel like finishing like I feel about root canals: the scrap-and-crap yarn needle case. It's my oldest UFO, and I swear - I'll finish it before I graduate. I swear.

Ant's Xmas hat
I made Ant this hat for Xmas. I kind of screwed up in two ways here - I made it a bit too short to wear this folded version, and I decreased a bit too fast. It sits a bit funky on the top. But Ant likes it. Notice the difference between Ant's color choices and mine? Oh, and the yarn in Valley Yarns Berkshire, which is nice. A bit too loose for my poor eyes, but it's cool, and cheap.

It's the lovely Wavy. With a row counter I managed to screw up the pattern anyway, but I just shortened the center. I like it anyway. My next UFO to finish by the end of the year. I swear.


At 1:47 PM, January 15, 2006, Anonymous Meirav said...

That's some fiiiine nittin' right thea ^_~


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