Monday, January 23, 2006

Catching up
I guess I didn't write in quite a bit because my parents started wondering if I got kidnapped by aliens. The answer? No, thanks. I'm still around. Just busy.
Knitting update:
I knit Kate for my SP7 girl, but no pictures until March. Sorry. Can't ruin it to her. I hope she likes her. It was fun knit, but I worked at it too fast. Ouch, went my wrists.
I just relized I forgot to post the finished first vesper sock. It came out ok, too wide (sad), but cute nonetheless. Since I originally ordered a skein and a half worth of yarn, I'll probably have enough leftover yarn for one pair of footies. Really...

(Like my tatoo?)
And so now I'm almost done with the second sock, which will make me, officially, a "real" sock knitter (if I finish my first actual pair, I think that will count).
And final update: "scrap-and-crap needle case" is no more. I've had it. It's nice pretending that I'm ever going to finish it, because I won't. It was nice while it lasted. Now I need to shop for a nice case, and finally get a box for my stash.
I organized some of my crafts stuff in making-room-preparations for Gocco and I'm craving this artbin case on Joann's. I almost got it in blue, but I thought I was too broke for that. I will never stop being broke, isn't that sad? ; ) No complaints. Better be a starving artist than no artist.


At 11:30 AM, January 25, 2006, Anonymous tania said...

great sock!
ooh i want a gocco...


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