Saturday, February 18, 2006

Gocco galore
Got to love this device. Why would anyone want to stop making those, ah?
It took a couple of days and about six screens to figure out the proper combo of carbon ink, exposure time and amount of ink to apply. See, the manual won't tell you to keep the pressure and bullb house on for a few extra seconds after the flash. It won't tell you that you can save tons of ink by surrounding the print with ink blocking material. Thank goodness for good people.I made two new recipe card packs. I love the way the racoon ones came out. With the doggy ones - I flipped sides by accident! I wanted the pup on the left to the recipe section. Arrrrggg! They're still cute, though. I feel another swap coming.
Speaking of swaps - only 2 more of the kitty recipe card packs are available! So I'm adding the racoon and doggy card too. There's two of each, same specs as the kitty ones, except the doggy are light grey, blue and light brown paper - in blue ink, and the racoon is on two shades of brown - in pink ink. I'll toss in a few more surprises. Bring the swapping on!


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