Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Work and more work!
... So after I spend the day in the cube, I spent the day coloring. And if you thought that drawing the same thing 50 million times, imagine coloring those 50 million drawings ONE BY ONE. Oh yeah, and did I mention those markers are expensive?
Actually, I'm not really complaining, just amusing myself. I really love the markers (Copic markers, those niiiiiiiiiice markers manga artists use. Really smooth and nice. But pricy), and I'm actually enjoying the drawing process (well, when I get the characters right...). I love this film, for a change. All's good, just busy.
a close up for you, just in case you wanted one:

And in case ou were wondering, I'm still knitting and I promise I'll update about that too soon. So busy...

Congrads to Chloe! Yey! I was rooting for ya, girl!


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