Saturday, March 18, 2006

Can't wait!
We're so itching to graduate and move out - and get our long awaited kitten and puppy... We probably shouldn't have got on yet, but we did. We were really impatient. I think everyone around me wants me to shut up about it already. Almost there, guys - just one more pet craving entry, promise!
If you were lucky, and this is the first time you hear about our future pet adventures, the main "problem" is the dog. A cat come in (pretty much) on size, fitting comfortable in any apartment. A dog however can only be this big if you're going to store it in a city apartment - which is what we're going to have. At least for a while. Oh, and I don't like toy size dogs. For me - the bigger, the better. But you can't have a great dane in a 2 bedroom city apartment.
So we started the search for a dog that'll be cute, funny looking, have a good nature and personality, that won't mind a cat, and be just the right size. And we found one!!! We're going to have a basset hound, or basset mix (we're not picky). They're so cute, with their floppy ears and droopy face, and they'll make Sherlock fan Ant think about the Scotland Yard. Happy, happy - and lots of love! Can't wait. Anyone has a basset with stories and photos to share?
With the cat, we'll have to see the kitten and decide, because cats have their own stories that you can't always predict. I fancy a siamese or siamese mix, but I think Ant's craving a bengal. How about a bengal-siamese mix? Ah?
We almost have them... Almost... Can't wait...


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