Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Stuff (or - Heck Yeah, I'm Showing Off!)

I got some cool new stuff recently. It's funny, I tend to go in purchasing spurts. It's either I get nothing for months, get stingy and pre-occupied and forget what the inside of a shop looks like (except for coffee shops. I practically live in some), or I go buying and buying and buying. I have to say, though - these new acquisitions are long overdue.

The first thing I got is new business cards. I've ran out of of my plush moo cards, and it was time to get some "grown up" business cards. Especially at the stage I'm in with portfolio submissions and job search. So I ran some ideas, did me some research and this is what I came up with.

These are not the real cards (yet). I made some mock-up cards, printing my top two designs into heavy, nice paper, then cut and glued front to back. Yep, they both feature Freddie.

This is the end result. Wadda ya think?

After ordering samples from a number of printers, I went with GreenerPrinter. They're not the cheapest of the printers I checked out, but their product's quality was far superior to the others, including some printers that cost more. The eco friendliness is a nice bonus, too. The cards came out perfect, the customer service was extremely friendly and helpful (I run a waaaaaay old version of Photoshop, I needed help with the file saving settings) and the cards came in right on time. So yeah, me super happy and proud (and looking for any excuse to hand them out). Love!

I also got a new phone. If you can even call it a phone. It's a Droid Eris, and it's more like a computer that occasionally makes calls. Sheesh! I am not a technophobe, I swear, but my mind is kinda blown. I run my electronics down to the ground, so generations and generations pass before I get to replace a (really) dead machine. I should stop being surprised at what a new technology can do, once I (finally) get it.
It's funny though, as an 80s (ok, 1980 if you must know) kid, personal electronics technology has advance so much it's hard not to feel like a dinosaur sometimes. Ant and I were at Best Buy, researching the phones we were going to get (he has the Motorola Droid), and we were using a demo iPad. I won't say we were struggling with the thing, but it took some adjustment. Across the display from us, a kid that couldn't have been more than ten years old was using one like he was born to do it. Ant was musing that it's good we were getting these fancy phones, before we fall too far behind and embarrass anyone who knows us.
I swear, by the time our future kids are going to be ten years old, we'd be communicating with computers with our minds. Better start training.

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