Thursday, October 14, 2010

3... 2... 1... Launch!

It seems like only yesterday I stated conceptualizing it, and today - the Mystic Forest Dwellers web shop is officially open! Wow... Where did the time go?

I positively have plush butterflies in my stomach. Eeeep! After months of thinking and trying things out, and ordering, and thinking some more..., it feels so so good to be finally out there - on the web, and finally fully in business.
It feels a lot like a culmination of lots of previous experiences and try-out for me. Like when I was making papier mache creatures for a local shop a decade or so ago, my etsy shop, some experimentation with packaging and branding I did with some portfolios in the past, all of my plush making career so far... It feels to some degree like I was meant to get here. And while I'm super nervous about being a "business owner" (gulp), there's something very exciting about it. Or like a fellow just-starting-a-new-venture lady told me a few weeks ago: if it's not bold and risky and out of your comfort zone - it's not really worth doing. So true.

So pop by to the shop, and catch up on the adventure on the Mystic Forest Dwellers blog, or the Facebook fan page. Let's make this bold, risky, out of my comfort zone and fun - sucess.

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