Tuesday, October 05, 2010

They Too Came from Planet Plush

If you're in Seattle this weekend, you should definitely check out the annual Plush You show over at Schmancy. There's going to be some seriously gorgeous plush and lots of fun activities. Go-go-go!
My contribution this time is part #2 of my series They Came from Outer Space that I started at Plush You LA a month or so ago. Why quit when you're having fun?

Watch out - some aliens are coming your way!

 The Brain

Sergeant Moffat

I'm not in love with the photos... It's finally fall here in LA and it's been raining for three days straight (remember the temperatures here last week? So weird...), so I used my new portable light box that Ant got me (yes, I know he's the best). If you have any tips and tricks for using those to take awesome photos, especially with a white background - I'm all ears.
Stay warm!

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