Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hanging out with the folks

So, long time no blog. To cut a very long story short, we had the department's job fair on Tuesday which took much time and sleep. Then it was papers, and then it was parents. Ant's folks came in
Thursday and mine yesterday, and so between graduating and hanging out with them - very little time is left. But no complaints. Sista is staying with us for a few days, in which we really need to find the time to get her mashed (he he...), and so much happiness is about to be had. Stay tuned for notes of our adventures with her in the big city (AKA LA).
I have comments to make and thanks to give to super kind swap pals, but that'll have to wait. We went to the Castaway Pixar party Thursday and hang out with our buddies N and C last night, and lo and behold - again no sleep. But for a good cause for a chage...


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