Monday, April 07, 2008

The good, the bad and the random

Some randomness, courtesy of the late hour (am I getting old? I'm calling something before midnight late? Sheesh...):

- At life drawing class at the studio last week, I got really frustrated watching this guy draw really well. Good use of line, shape,character. I got so mad I could draw as well that I left the class early. Ant wasn't there, but he somehow figured out very quickly that the man I was jealous of was no other than Stephen Silver. Hey, if you aim anywhere - aim high.

- We're going to see the Izzard again in August at the Kodak Theater. Ticket pre-sale, baby.

- And speaking of comedians, did you ever watch Demetri Martin? He's a good comedian, kinda Mitch Hedberg-y. But he's much better to watch than listen to. His drawing comedy is hilarious. No, I didn't turn into a comedy connoisseur. I'm one of the least funny people I know. Seriously.

- I took up spinning (the other kind, AKA "indoor cycling") again, in a studio in Burbank. I forgot how strangely good it feels when your legs are so tired they almost fall off.

- I should start doing memes like this and this. In general, I think blogging in comics is neat. Maybe I should use The Healing Sketch to do something like this myself.

- Can you believe I didn't knit a stitch in over a week? My lace project is giving me a headache, my socks bore me, and I didn't get a chance to start something blissfully mindless yet. But with a knit and spa weekend plotted by my knitting maven co-workers Angela and Sonserae (Ravelry links), this knitting "meh" should end soon.

- Also on the craft front, did you know that Joann's has all Simplicity patterns for 99 cents a pop sale? I was there browsing for a hoodie pattern last weekend and overheard the sales chicks talking about it. Me and this other girl who was browsing patterns were plotting how to trick the ten patterns per purchase term of the sale, and soon enough we were both raiding the pattern drawers. I ended up getting almost every pattern from the Built by Wendy line (dude, they're normally $15 each!). I saw the other girl outside the store later, and asked her how many she scored. "Five", she said, "but I'm going back for more" (she was on her way back in. That's my type of girl).

- I got a new phone and it boggles my mind a bit. It's the Sony Ericsson W580i and it can almost make me a cup of coffee too. Considering that my now departed three and a half years old Nokia was my first color screen phone, I think I'm dealing with the tech overload quite well. At least dialing is still just pushing numbers. Phew.

- I've been working on some ideas for my Crammed Organisms application (man, I SO want in!), so here is one of them. Please cross your fingers for me!

I made it! I made it! Whoo hoo!

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At 7:46 AM, April 11, 2008, Blogger Tamar said...

Fingers firmly crossed! I love the sketch for your "organism."


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