Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yep, it's really almost Christmas!

Man, I'm always a bit surprised by holidays and birthdays (I have the worst sense of time), but this year Christmas really jumped me! How did this happen? Jee-wiz Louise...
So we've decided to be crafty this year, and our lucky best friends all got/will get a box full of goodies: Oreo truffles (from this recipe) and one of these ornaments:

It's made using this pattern. It was meant to have embroidered eyes, but I spend three days sick this week, and figured people won't want my germs for Christmas too. That's why Ant made the Oreo truffles too. He did so well, BTW. They came out very delicious. We only exchanged the candy bark with white chocolate chips. It made the coating less even and more lumpy, but I thought it was much tastier.

So we got a real tree (we're really on that bourgeois binge this year, especially now that we're officially middle class) from Delancy Street trees in Silverlake, which I didn't know was something special, but now that I do - it makes me even happier. Charity means so much more these days.
We (finally) decorated it, and the cats are pretty ecstatic. Emmet figured out that if he picks off the ornaments from the back of the tree, it'll take us longer to find out = more time for him to play with them. And we thought he was just such a dummy little cat...

And how's your holiday crafting going?

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