Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Plush! Well, Plush-Y Stuff Anyway

I think I mentioned this before, but this has certainly been the year of Plush for me. One of the coolest things that happened this year, is getting invited to participate in the annual Luv-able & Hug-able show in Gallery Hanahou. Super flattered! This show always amazes me.
This year, the show's theme is Luv-able & Hug-able & Wear-able. Yep, clothes and accessories related plush. What's a girl to do? Make monster-y garb! Introducing:

Mila Hat, Scarf and Pin

and Milo Hat, Scarf and Pin

More photos here.

The show opens December 9th, in NY, NY.  More details here.
Go get yourself a furry monster scarf. It's going to be a cold winter.

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At 12:08 PM, November 27, 2010, Anonymous Croshame said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I want to wear Mila all the time, every day! I won't be able to make it out to Hanahou though... will it be available online at all?

At 5:16 PM, December 05, 2010, Anonymous TESOL certification said...

This is a cute and well customized plush toy.


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