Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dear Jewish Santa!

Hi Jewish Santa!
How are you? I'll let the skeptics and the adults debate if you exist or not, I believe in you (and in the Passover bunny too). I know there's somebody out there who's looking after all of us Jewish kids. Why should we be good children if we won't get presents once a year?
Since Rosh Hashana (=Jewish new year) is coming up, and since I've been a very good girl, allow me to suggest a few of gifts I'll be ever so happy to receive this holiday season:

You know I'm a knitter, Jewish Santa, and as such I have needs. This book and this one too have some really nice knitting patterns and I really think (ok, hope) I could make them and add some awesome sweaters to my tiny wardrobe. (Seriously, these books actually have more than one pattern I'd like to make. I'd make about 90% of them, in both books. Wow)
Update: just found both books at purl for the cheapest US and shipping price (and the weekend book was on sale too!) Thank you Jewish Santa!!

Jewish Santa, I'm really getting into embroidery lately. And I love these three patterns very much. Aren't they absolutely cute? I have a very bad need not embroider them all over the new wardrobe I'm sawing and knitting these days.
Update: just got those for cheap on ebay. Hooray!!

I'm not asking, because I'm very polite, but nice sock yarn will be fun to get too. I didn't buy any in ages.

Oh, and let's not forget Suki, she's been a good cat too (and since her mama is Jewish, she qualifies as such too), I think she deserves this cute collar. Don't you?
Update: just bought her a cute one with fishies and put her name tag on. She looks like a domesticated little rascal now... So cute...

Thank you, dear Jewish Santa, in advance. I really appreciate your gifty kindness. I promise to be a good girl this coming Jewish year too.
Yours truely,

Please note: I wish to clarify in advance, that this entry did not mean in any way to offend anyone of any religion. It was meant as an innocent joke and written in a friendly spirit. Any nasty, agressive or offensive comments will be deleted and their writers blocked.



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