Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Quicky news

Because I've got tons to do today:

Check out my new portfolio website! It was (finally) finished last week, but I'm not much for self advertising. Shy girl like me, tzk, tzk...

Turns out that we live in a fantastic location bus-wise. The station across the street will carry me straight downtown, to evil places like the fashion district and little tokyo. Vey! I need a job fast!

And please don't forget to participate in my mini contest. It is very mini at the moment which makes me a little sad.



At 8:11 PM, August 09, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michal - I love your porfolio. The characters are amazing. My favorite is the monster with the little duckie toy! And your socks are wonderful!
Dorothy (Missouri Star)

At 4:03 PM, August 10, 2006, Anonymous TINE said...

I love you rnew website! Your portfolio is so awesome!!! I am in awe of your talent, wow!!


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