Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's a triple digit here (and it's not the weather)!

The day has come! The day has come! This is my 100th blog entry in these caffeinated lands. Hooray! So much happened since I posted for the first time in December. I learned to knit socks, saw, finished a film (almost), graduated, started my own independent life... phew! And it hasn't even been a year! How time flies...
I also met lot of great people and cool artists, got inspired, exchanged my handiwork (and chocolate) with several people. Many are the pleasures of blogland. I even opened a second blog! Who'd have thank that this shy person here will be talking to the great void filled with 0s and 1s called the internet. With all the hiatuses, no energy to write, nothing to write about and no mood to write about anything - I'm still here. And I dare say, this blog will see it's official first birthday (at least).

And now - the moment you've all been waiting for: The first Yarn and Coffee Blog Contest!
Here it is and here are the rules:
You may know that artistically, I am just now crawling out of a major dry spell, and I'm out of you a lot because of you folks. Your work or work you have exposed me to these past few months, opened many doors for me and helped the cogs in my brain to start moving again after a very tough senior year. And this is the subject of this here little contest: Inspiration.
Share with me five things that are inspiring to you. These could be artists, books, food, people, animals, places, events - anything that has been very inspiring for you all your life, in the past few month, helped shape your artistic - anything. Share with the world what makes you and your work, you (and your work). And if you have less than five, that's ok too.
The rules:
1. You mast post a comment with your inspirations. If there's a link to your inspiration/s, please post it for other readers to see too.
2. Don't comment anonymously. Tell us who you are and what you do (and allow me to distinguish you from other commenters). You don't have to have a blog, that's ok. You can participate too.
3. Please fill the email address field. No one will see it, but it'll make it easy for me to contact you when you win.
4. Winner will be chosen at random, so comment freely. No idea is stupid.
5. I reserve the right to remove comments and links that are offensive (no porn, please).
6. Deadline to comment in August 14th, two weeks exactly. The winner will be announced on August 18th.
7. A prize is guaranteed to one commenter. The more people comment, the bigger the prize.

And that's it! I will share my inspiration with you tomorrow. Boy, am I excited!
Ready? Set... Comment!


At 9:53 AM, August 02, 2006, Blogger ikkinlala said...

Congrats on reaching 100 blog posts!

I've been in a dry spell for inspiration lately, too, but a couple things that have inspired me recently are:

1) The radio. I choose random channels - one time I might end up with country music, and the next some science fiction play about people losing their memories.

2) My puppy. I've been trying to look at the world from her perspective, and things sure can be different when you're looking up at them. Plus, she's very good at finding new and creative ways to cause trouble.

I can't think of any more things at the moment.

At 4:00 PM, August 02, 2006, Blogger alma vogler said...

Well, what inspires me?

1) my city, Lisbon. In particular when i see the river from one of its "thousand" belvederes.

2)Rosa, at ervilhas.weblog.com.pt. the most fantastic portuguese crafster and blogger. she inspires me above all to be creative and to find my own style (i haven't found it yet, but i am starting, right?)

3)lisbon's flea market(Feira da Ladra)

4) the internet, and all you creative bloggers.

At 6:49 AM, August 03, 2006, Blogger PBnJ said...

Rainbows - I love the bright colors together!

Colors themselves can be inspiring (not just rainbow colors together) Seeing a beautiful color makes me want to figure out what to make in that color.

animals - love all the cute critters out there - kittens, sheep, alpacas, bunnies... (I love fiber animals esp.)

Knit and fiber blogs! - I love to read tons of blogs. People are always creating the most wonderful things and often I find myself inspired by them.

Books and magazines on the subject you're interested in (kinda along the same lines as knit blogs) I see the wonderful things made in the books and magazines. Since I'm such a visual person - I love to see pictures - the pictures are what inspires me.
I think just looking for beauty in anything is a source of inspiration for me.

At 7:25 AM, August 03, 2006, Anonymous li li said...

Wow, 100 posts, big big congrats!!!!

Things that inspire me:
by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, translated by Dorothy Britton (http://www.physics.ohio-state.edu/~prewett/writings/BookReviews/Totto-chan.html). A very well written book on the author's childhood school life. It's a dream to have such a great school life....my dream....
2) Craft blogs/Flickr. I'm so amazed to find soooo many great crafters out there who not only make great stuff but has a warm personality too. It's my honor to have "met" these great people whom I will always treasure. :D
3) Teddy bears. One of the love of my life. One will be fascinated by the way teddy bears can "heal" one's heart that hurts. They are always there for you when you need them.
4) Travel. Tons of things to see, to learn from people and places of another country. It's great to experience a different culture.
5) Simple Things In Life. To have a healthy body, to be able to do what you want freely, to have a nice meal, to see a smiling face, to have a nice cup of coffee, to read a good book, to do craft work.....the list goes on....

At 8:15 PM, August 09, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm - what inspires me?
1. Yarn - I love walking into a yarn shop and fondling all the wonderful, beautiful yarn.
2. Blogland - I consistently see wonderful designs that other knitters have made that I want to recreate.
3. Little baby bodies - they just beg to be covered up with all kinds of knitted cuteness.
4. Knitting needles - I know, strange, huh? Sometimes I just want to use my favorite needles and enjoy the feel of them in my hands, so I look for patterns that use them.
5. Designers - there are so many wonderful designers out there whose creations I am inspired to make.
Dorothy (Missouri Star)

At 9:42 PM, August 12, 2006, Blogger Amy said...

Congrats on 100 posts!

Lately I have been too inspired, with projects running through my head dancing 'weeee make meeee!!' and then I go to sleep or I loose my confidence or just plain lose interest. Shameful.

Most of my inspiration lately has come from the computer people (they talk to you too?? :D ), here are a few of my favorite links:

1. Jen Gray [http://www.jengray.com/]- without fail, I go to her site, read her posts and instantly feel… better. I read her words and I just want to remember them. I actually have some of her words hanging in my workspace.
2. Hello My Name Is Heather [http://heatherbailey.typepad.com/]- The crafts lead me there and the photography brings me back over and over.
3. Visual Voice [http://www.visual-voice.net/]- More stunning photography and just as pretty words. This is what I aspire to.
4. Tiny Showcase [http://tinyshowcase.com/]- I love the artwork featured here, own a couple of pieces actually, and I love their blog with lost of links to MORE art.
5. Pap Stour [http://www.papastour.com/]- Such great clean, designs with a rustic feel. I want everything in this store!! Always inspired my both the products and the product photography.

Thanks for this, I was feeling a little down tonight, this list was a nice reminder.

hmm, sorry if this is posting twice.

At 4:29 PM, August 13, 2006, Blogger Rachel said...

What a great idea for a contest! And congratulations on your 100th post! Let's see if I can think of 5 things.

1) The person that immediately popped into my head when I read your entry was Cari Borja. She's a clothing designer who I think is awesome - but I find her inspirational because she got started in fashion design when she was finishing a PhD in anthropology, and her husband asked her what she wanted to do with her life, and she said "design clothes" even though that wasn't something she had ever done before, and then that's what she did. I find that story really inspirational, whenever I think about all the things I'd want to do with my life but might not have the training for.

2) Knittyboard - and the knitting internet community in general, of course! There's nothing like flipping through hundreds of creative projects that other people have made to get the creative juices flowing. And seeing other peoples' processes and learning experience has made me less afraid to try new things (like socks!).

3) Yarn stores. I think just being in the presence of all that color and letting myself wander around and stick my hand in all the soft bins of fiber gets me thinking of all the different things I want to make.

4) My fiance, who is always available for oohing and aahing at any stage of a project.

rmtompa AT yahoo DOT com


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