Friday, July 28, 2006

Another "busy" Friday

It's been a tough week over on this side of the Pacific, so much so that I should probably change this blog's name to "Poo and Politics". No, I don't feel like talking/crying/b*tching about it, but thanks for the offer. I'll just think positive, how about that?

Thinking positive begins with being thrilled that Dawn liked my trade package (hooray!). Much to my relief, I must say. I think I'm going to make one for myself too, maybe with a string to hang as a small bag to take out. What do you think? I also sent her some papers and embroidery floss and pens. I can't wait to see what she makes me... This seriously makes me giddy. Good! (More photos are here. The pattern is from this great Japanese craft book I'm yet to share. I will soon, promise)

Another more cheerful thing is this week's WIP: a pattern I'm trying to figure out for myself. What is this? It's going to be a boxy small cosmetic bag. I'm slowly plotting designing and sewing my new (new? only) gym bag, and every gym bag needs a small cosmetic bag for the sample sized shampoo and body lotion. Right?
So this is the beginning - I knew I wanted something like this, but no pattern. Hmmf.. I know, I'll look at the picture and try to figure out the sewing lines! After constructing the final desired shape from paper, I cut it according to the construction lines of my example bag.
After a few size adjustments (to position the zipper better), I cut a "proper" pattern paper, using a real ruler. Yep. I didn't include the seam allowance in the measurements (I'm still not sure if you measure seam allowance inside or outside the pattern line. Well, in mine - it's outside).
And now I have the fabric all cut and ready to go. I'm still not 100% sure how to construct this, but I'll take many photos so that I can write a tutorial for you if (if-if-if) I am successful.

And don't forget - the first caffinated fibers contest is coming up!


At 5:09 AM, August 02, 2006, Blogger Dawbis said...

have i not mentioned yet how much i love the pouch you sent! well, here i go! i love it! still loving it! hehe. i'm a little delayed in sending your package, but it's going out today i promise! this trade was so much fun. thank you again!


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