Saturday, July 01, 2006

Back online

Just to let you know - the upgrade went well.
Actually, it went very well. True, I was on the verge of fainting when I pressed the "Erase and Install" option (regardless of the fact that I have at least three hard copies of anything even mildly important, on all its versions, I'm still sure I must have forgotten something very-very important), but on the whole, the system was up and running and humming happily to itself in twenty minutes. Very nice. Phew...
The funny thing is, that it doesn't feel much like anything has changed. I see the beach ball rolling significantly less often, I all of a sudden have a dashboard (and no, I was tempted, but I never installed the Yodanator, I was good), but Everything is the same visually. It probably didn't help that I use the same desktop, icon set and all other settings... Hey, I'm a creature of habit. One change at the time, please.
The bottom line - Macs rock. Period.
And I can cross another item on my "digital upgrade" to do list.


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