Saturday, June 17, 2006

Catching up #2

Welcome to another episode of our new series "Catching Up" with M. Wright. Tonight, we have ourselves a really bad girl. Me.
I really sucked on this last swap I participated in. I admit. I really really did. It was colorific-swaporama for April. I was looking forward to joining it, I really did! Alas, I overestimated my abilities to create much in a short period of time, yet again. My package went out late, I don't think it had as much fun stuff as I usually pack, and in general - I felt sucky about it. To my defense, you can say that I usually don't suck at swapping, and that my pal never gave me a clue of what she might be interested in. But the bottom line is that it was my fault. And I apologiesed many a time to all of the involved.
But just as bad as I was, that's how good MY pal was, and I'm SO overdue thanking her in public:

My amazing benefactor was Tanya, and boy - was I pampered! I got some fabric, this incredible lemony lace yarn, a cute pack of tissue in a sewn tissue holder, delicious soap and body lotions, candy, buttons, exercise books and blush. And the piece de resistance - this incredible made-just-for-me bag! See, not only did she put my initials on it, she used a Dr. Seuss fabric - my favorite! Snif-sob-hand on heart. So amazing. No cynicism at all.
She actually went into my blog, read it and thought to herself "hmm... that should make Michal happy!" May each and every one of us have such a pal in every single swap. Thank you so-so-so much, Tanya!


At 6:41 AM, June 19, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad I caught you when you were fresh (tee hee!) You were a great Color Swapper for me. Don't beat yourself up too much. The lace socks are beautiful - and your list of socks to do sounds a lot like mine.
Dorothy (Missouri Star)


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