Wednesday, May 31, 2006

An open letter to whoever runs Ikea, in Sweden

Dear Ikea person,
I'm writing to talk to you about Billy. Not your son, your line of shelf units and book cases. Recently, you discontinued an item from that collection, and I have to tell you - it broke my heart.
We came to our local Ikea branch a couple of days ago to look for (more) furniture for our work space, to fill with art supplies and (many) art books. At the Billy corner, we found the perfect unit - a medium height corner unit that is deep enough for many an art supply and its top is perfect for hosting both my printer and scanner.
We happily jogged down to the pick up area - and imagine our disappointment: no corner unit in our chosen color (black-brown). We asked your employees if they knew when more units were expected. They said they didn't know.
You need to understand, dear Ikea person, we've been living in our new apartment for two weeks now, and we're still surrounded by boxes of books. We needed those shelves fast. Therefore, we immediately called the Burbank Ikea, which is still close by. They answered politely that not only they don't have the unit, it has been discontinued. Imagine our disappointment, sorrow and despair. And if that was not enough, you never had the extra shelves for the Billy units we already have. We have many many books and DVDs indeed, dear Ikea person.
And then, to add insult to injury - we checked the Ikea website. To our delight, the corner unit was available there, and the extra shelves. All was really happy... Until we got to the shipping charges. $119 for a $60 unit? What could we say? Only "Oh, well..."
We are left with no choice, Dear Ikea person, but to come and visit your store again tomorrow, sad and disappointed, and figure out another configuration for our work area. Sad, sad day...
Please, the next time you get bored with an item and decide to discontinue it - can it not be an essential part of a busy artist who's got too much shit?
MW and AW
Busy artists who have to much shit


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