Monday, May 29, 2006

Domestic bliss

Before I even begin this planned post, I'd like to thank all of you guys for the nice comments about my film imagery. This past year and the portfolio review/job fair smashed my self esteem to the ground pretty badly. You guys are terrific, inspiring each wth your own work, and just good friends. Thanks!


I can hardly believe it myself, but I actually spent the day resting. Yep. You got that right. We spent the evening-night with friends and ended up sleeping very late indeed. The rest of the day was not action packed either: slouching in my jammies, knitting (!!!), and the highlight - baking. Oh, yeah.
It's my lovely Ant's B-Day tomorrow, and he'll be receiving a Real Food Daily carrot cake with tofu cheesecake frosting. Yep, eggless and dairy-less. To all of you non Angelinos (ah! now I can actually say that I AM... yeaks...), Real Food Daily is a vegan organic restaurant chain of 3, started 13 years ago by Ann Gentry in Santa Monica (on 6th). We had our latest anniversry dinner there and got hooked. They have the best veggy burger ever, and some amazing desserts. And now that we really have a kitchen and that it's equipped (kindly by the folks, thanks!) like a real kitchen - we got ourselves the RFD cookbook which I am now exploring.
Anyway, some domestic bliss on my behalf here, lazing about in my own apartment, sleeping late, knitting and cooking. Ah... that's the good life.
I have pictures I took while baking, but the camera is charging so that'll have to wait. I'll leave you with a picture my sister took on the Big Sur. Thanks sis!


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