Saturday, June 10, 2006

LA life

I think I'm finally beginning to grasp the gianormous size of LA. Not that I'm a small town girl. Hell no! I've been known to run around the hippest parts of Tel Aviv before knowing my alphabet. Problem is, Tel Aviv, Israel big bustling city, is maybe the size of Santa Monica. That is, in population. I'm not talking about the grounds it covers.
Yep, in Tel Aviv you can walk it one side to the other in just a few hours in a light stroll. LA... Yeah, right. Even London rat Ant is confused sometimes (although as our official driver, he does better than me). Let's put it this way, "right around the corner" has a very different meaning in Tel Aviv than in LA.
Since we don't really know LA very well, we get to look for everything we need online. Yellow Pages, Mapquest etc. What seems like a ten minutes ride is usually fifteen to twenty. Saying something like "hey, it's on Jefferson! I know where that is!" will usually lead to disaster. That Jefferson Street is very long. Very very. It still makes me laugh, which is a good thing. The moment I start screaming and tearing up things, you'll know you're in trouble.
I'm just amused at how standards change so quickly. I used to snob around the suburban hell I was living in, saying my cosmopolitan needs were not met, that the hot-shot city girl me was bored and unimpressed. I now feel a little like a country girl dropped off in the middle of downtown Somewhere Busy. A bit disoriented, confused and embarrassed. And that's when I'm not even driving.
I guess it's good we've moved to little Westchester and not Santa Monica Blvd., ah? ; )


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