Friday, June 16, 2006

Catching up #1

So this is a series of catching up posts. Again. I have so many stories from the past month+ and I've never had enough time to tell them. I need to stop feeling guilty about my blogging UFOs...

So the First update, I'd like to show you my latest Little Toyko buys (from three weeks ago, with Sis). I'm not showing you the mochi and cute candy and food, or the adorable new tote (in blue) and pouch (in pink) from the Hikosen-Cara store (they have amazing things for kids, you've got to see that). I will, however, show you the sewing books. Because. They. Are. Awesome.
And sorry for the poor image quality. It's kind of gray today.

So book numero une is my bags book (ISBN 4-277-43057-0):
I love:

And if you think you saw a paw in there, you're right. Suki has become a very inquisitive little girl.

On to numero deux - my toys book (ISBN 4-8347-2244-9):
I love:

This one makes me wish my other cousin was having a girl. But they're having a boy instead. Sigh.

And last, but not the least - my skirts book (ISBN4-309-28002-1):
I really really love:

Must. Have. This. Skirt.

Fun times, ah?


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