Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Just to let you know

In case you get worried, if I'm not posting for a few days, nor replaying to emails, I'm either:

a. Upgrading my computer to Tiger (OS X 10.4)
b. Installing every single piece of software I ever used on my computer
c. Re-organizing my folders and backups
d. Re-organizing my many-many-many bookmarks
e. Drinking heavily
f. Hyper ventilating
g. Passed out because of a.-f.

Well, if you ever owned a Mac, you know I'm mostly kidding (Did you ever open a G5 to see the instructions about dusting the fans? Yes, I'm serious. They do exist. Ask my dad.). Still, it's a pain in the a**, hence it was overly procrastinated.

Wish me luck...


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