Sunday, June 18, 2006

Catching up #3

A knitting update! A real knitting update! I kid you not! Let's start from old to new:

Remember these old chaps? Made from my first (and last) Koigu buy? I can't remember if I wrote about them (I think I did), but they're a simple stockinette socks in brown and blue yarn. So first of all - it's easy to see I ran out of the brown... No biggie. It was also a pair that flew off the needles pretty well. It was excellent for those long critical studies classes. The major disappointment was the yarn. I had much higher expectations from Koigu, after hearing about it for so long. I don't know why, I may be getting tons of angry comments about this, but the texture and the feeling while knitting wasn't amazing. And yes, weaving in the edges was a nightmare, but that was self inflicted.

This lovely sock is about the billionth attempt I've made at the jaywalker. For a change, all went well. until I figured I really knit too much leg. Grrrr! and that's after finally figuring out the Dutch Flat heel?! Sigh... I'll frog it up to the picot edge (because I'm NOT starting that from scratch too!), knit the other's picot edge, and do them together on two circs. Because it's much faster this way. Fast knitting is good knitting.

This is what I'm working on right now: These are Elfine, round two. Round one was again, a single sock on DPNs, as usual. Then I made the mistake of knitting while under the influence of 40 hours without sleep (post job fair) and waiting for ant o finish an interview and go to sleep. It was a small mistake, but until I figured out there was a mistake and while trying to fix it, I ruined the socke completemant. Damn. But as I was frogging (and cursing) I figured I really wanted to try and knit on two circs, and that I might as well try and knit two together on the two circs. And why not try with this one?
Talking about an A-HA! moment... More like a lightening to the face. It took a bit to figure out, but once I did that - voila! The socks are flying off the needles. And can I say how in love I am with knitting patterned lacy socks? I can't wait to finish those so I can start the next pair. I also love the Opal yarn, although I keep twisting it so I have to unwind it every few rounds. I'm probably doing something really wrong. I'm also relieved that working on US1 needles didn't kill my hands all that much. Not yet, anyway.

Next? pomatomus, hedera and branching out from the incredible yarn I got from my colorific-swaporama pal. Wish me luck!


At 8:02 PM, June 20, 2006, Blogger Emma said...

Love the blue and brown striped socks, and the jaywalkers are looking good too. Good luck with the future projects!


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