Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What I'd like to do

What I'd like to do, is tell you about crafting, drawing, Suki, my latest trip to the beach, my new Japanese sewing book, cooking.
I'd really like to laugh, bounce around, take nice pictures of delicious yarn and fabric, report on my progress on projects and my advances at the gym. I'd like to make you smile, admire my cat, share my thought. But I can't.
In case you didn't get the news (I know not everyone is the news addict that I am, or an Israeli abroad), Israel now has gotten into Southern Lebanon following a deadly attack on the IDF on the border and the kidnapping of two soldiers. All this while it's still in the Gaza strip, and while Gilad Shalit (a 19 year old soldier) is still the prisoner of Palestinian terrorists for over two weeks.
I don't want to talk politics. I really would love to shove my head deep in the ground and make it all go away. But I can't.
Would you please join me in the hope that both sides will come to their senses before the situation spins completely out of control? That no more innocent lives, on both sides, will be hurt? That the idiots governing both Israel and Palestine will finally realize that there is no other way but peace? That the poor kidnapped kids, the soldiers, be back home soon to their families?

And turn your thoughts and well wishes to India too, who was so badly hit by terrorists too cowardly to even take the "credit" for their own actions.


At 9:34 PM, July 14, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm certainly with you on this, Michal, and I ache for your country. All of this hate is beyond my comprehension. I will send up prayers for peace.
Dorothy (Missouri Star)


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