Sunday, July 09, 2006

For the lack of crafty content

It's been a very lazy weekend. Ant and I are a bit under the weather and sleeping a lot. But I did get my weekly sauna treat at the gym. Ahh... I actually did my Illustration Friday project, which took most of Friday and felt like a difficult school assignment, and even had my WIP Friday materials all cut out. But I seem to be tired like hell all week. I'm a bit ill, and the fact that I got two hard core spinning classes and some other aggressive cardio this probably didn't help. Sigh... Why am I complaining, though? Things are happening in my home country that are worse these days.

To brighten things up - all one needs to do, is get a kitten. Here's the latest laugh:
This evening, Ant and I all of a sudden, hear a strange noise from across the hall. Ant (my hero) went to check it out, only to come out of the bathroom in stitches, holding a very confused Suki. Recently she's adopted the habit of jumping up into the clothes hamper (more accurately, on top of the huge pile of clothes inside of it) and from there get on the sink for a drink of water.
But today we did the laundry.
Just imagining the surprised expression on Suki's face and her confused attempts of getting out of the empty hamper put me in stitches too.

Need more kitty happiness? I've just updated her set on Flickr.


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