Saturday, July 22, 2006

WIP - "Wiping" - Wiped

If you speak a complicated language, in which verbs change according to gender too (like French and Hebrew), you know this kind of exercise: memorizing lists of repetitive sounding words (especially on those nasty irregular verbs that don't follow any rules). So that's how my weekend felt - like a strange grammar exercise:

This is how far I got on Hedra. Pretty neat, isn't it? I finally had to split it and work on the heel gusset of each sock individually, on three DPNs. I'm almost done with it. I can tell you one thing - as great as a dutch heel is for integrating the pattern into the heel - I'm far from being a fan. I HATE picking up those slipped stitches. Maybe I'm just stupid, but something always going wrong.
And these are pieces of cut fabric I'm plotting on screen printing and sewing into small pouches and coin purses. I finally got the zippers I was waiting for, so now the project is go. Hooray! I just hope they come out nice. I came across this more advanced tutorial from Anna that made me very happy (mainly because it is exactly how I planned to improve on this).

"Wiping" or "to wipe" is a common action in the middle east. It refers to the action of taking a slice of pita and loading in with hummus on a plate, literally "wiping" hummus off the plate with the bread. Hummus is what most people "wipe" and there's a variety of pita and other flat breads to do the "wiping" with, but you get the idea, right?I've never been a huge hummus fan, but I'm totally in love with Labneh (or Kefir cheese) which you can also "wipe". I only found Labneh twice in the four years I've been here.
This Friday I went to the scrapbooking store, and popped into the groceries store right next door. They have an interesting mix of hispanic and middle eastern foods. And what do I see in the fridge section? Sigh of joy. I had to bring it home and sample it immidiately with some whole wheat Lavash bread, with Za'atar sprinkled on top and some olive oil. Can you tell how delicious it was?
Addition: I just realized Trader Joe's has Labneh, sold as "Mediterranean Style Yogurt". You should try it. It's a bit less sour, but very yummi nevertheless.

We took Suki to the vet today, for her shots and an examination. Her ear developed a nasty rash she kept scratching, which only made it worse. We suspected it was mange, because the shelter we got her from had an outbreak about a week after we took her home (hey, thanks for the heads up... not!). Poor baby had to wait for the weekend because we couldn't take her during the week.
The clinic is a cheap clinic in Orange county that we got some free treatments with when we adopted her, so a line was to be expected. But WHAT a line! In the clinic's cat section alone we had about ten cats half an hour before closing time. The dog section was about three times that. We spent over four hours waiting for the vet. Can you guess how we felt when we got home?


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