Sunday, August 06, 2006

Good things

I swear I didn't fall off the face of the planet, and I even have some finished stuff to show... But I'm tired, and other such excuses, so updates will have to wait until monday. In the mean time, let me share some good things with you.

1. You have to be jealous of me because of this pretty and these too. HAVE to be jealous, got it? These are, of course, the amazing collages of Dawbis I got in return for some stuff for her bi-monthly trade catalog. I am lucky, oh, yeah. It doesn't hurt one bit that's she's a super nice girl too.
2. Get some good ice cream, you know you want it. Go to Trader Joe's and get the carrot cake flavor. Yes, carrot cake ice cream, and it's delicious. It has cinnamon cake bits in it. I kid you not. And it's perfect for vegetarian/lactose intolerant/egg allergic households like ours. Yum... Veronika, if you're reading this - since you can't get this in the Holly Land, you need to come visit.
3. (Like the number of bottles I've downed of this tonight) Very nice microbrew from the crazed minds of Hunter S. Thompson and friend Ralph Steadman that does bite. They don't seem to be selling the special edition Hunter memorial beer (designed to raise money for his Gonzo monument) anymore, but the Scottish Porter and Amber Lager are darn good. You should check them out.

Share some more good things here.
Have a good weekend!


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