Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Nothing's wrong, don't worry. This is just the word you were going to hear from me the most today, if you spent the day in my lovely So-Cal location. For some strange reason, I worked out legs at the gym for two days in a row, then took an advanced spinning class at the gym this morning. I kid you not, I need to grab my pant leg to bend my knees to a comfortable position on the chair (and "comfortable" is relative too, since my rear was involved in the action as well), and I can't wear my jeans. If a bear chased me right now, I'll be steak. Vey... Let that be the worst of my troubles.

Anyway, as promised, my five sources of inspiration as of late:

1. The Moomins - I loved those books as a kid to no end, but I somehow forgot just how great they are over the years. In the couple of years, I started re-reading them, and I'm oh so in love again! So much so, that we were going to name our cat (back when we though we'll have a male) Snufkin (hey, it's a feline name, right?). And the illustrations are great too. They're made even more difficult to resist since they're only $6.95 on Amazon!
2. Jay Ryan - Not only does he seem like a real down to earth dude, his work in inspiringly simple, thoughtful and fun, not taking itself too seriously. I can't wait for my first real paycheck so I can buy this book.
3. Tricia Frizzell Tharp - The genius behind Frizzel Stix and Frizzel Stitch. Everything she draws/paints/carves/sews makes me wish I had thought about it first. Her recipe card from this swap (pictures soon) is making me so happy I might just frame it. If you can, go visit her in the Detroit Urban Craft Fair (and get me something, because I can't...).
4. All of you fine folks who post tutorials on Craftster - They constantly remind me of the reason why I started knitting and sewing in a first place - to create unique stuff to wear, make for friends, give as gifts etc. It never ceases to amaze me how creative one can get (even if they're super broke).
5. Los Angeles, CA - I know, you'd be wondering what a city that's so dirty, gas guzzling, messy and got more issues than a teenage girl can be inspiring. Well, it's quite an amazing city, as a matter of fact (am I attracted to nuttiness or what?). I know maybe 1% of it, now that I live here, and I can't wait to get this LA chick better. It's so layered, so not cookie cutter (like the suburb I spent the past four years in), full of people, and noise, and little niches of awesomeness... I'm already an Angelina!

Now it's your turn! What's inspiring you? Tell us!



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