Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Favorite Little Store

I know I live in a city with a huge fashion district, I rode the bus through it a couple of times, but I leave the real venturing out into it mysterious depths to a time when my pockets are not quite as empty. And as much as I love shopping online, I'm getting a bit tired of buying all my fabric in virtual stores. Not that I have anything against the many fabulous I bought from in the past, but you know - it just ain't the same as going to the store. Know what I mean?
About a month and a half after we moved here, we went on a bit of a fabric store hunt. Yellow pages online wasn't very helpful, but eventually we ended up at the local mall. If you've never been to that mall and you don't live in the area - let me summarise the experience for you: It's bad. It's as bad as malls get. It's as bad as bad malls get. Seriously. The only two good things about this noisy, not too clean, and full of junk food mall are Forever 21 and the local Sally's Fabrics.
But my love affair with Sally's did not begin that day. As a matter of fact, after getting there the very first time, after wandering around Sepulveda for too many hours, I took one glance at the display and said to Ant - "we're going home". And home we went. It was only after many small visits to get this little thing or that that I fell totally and utterly in love with it.

The real beauty of my dear local, is not the atrocious selection of upholstery, or the cheesy cotton prints or the veriaty of synthetic yarn. It's those little finds that snapped my frugal heart.
You see, on top of bolts and bolts of your standard cottons, denims, satins and such - it also has shelves upon shelves of $1.98, $2.98 and $3.98 per yard goodness. And most of them aren't defected or nasty in any way - but small pieces people return, under a yard and such. And it's not too hard to find there some very appealing little finds. I got some of my most favorite patterns there. And they have a large selection of spools of thread for thirty cents each (and you know what a color addict I am, I can't take home just one spool). But I think the "worst" is the button bucket. They have a bucket of carded buttons for literally cents each. Need I say any more? Ant already knows he can hang out for quite a while at the mall's Game Stop when we go to the store for just "five minutes". No way I'm getting out of there with no buttons (can you see the painted pink flower ones? I swear I had a sweater with those when I was little). Oh, and they have patterns and magazines, and packs of lace and trim too... I won't tell you everything or you'll com down here and steal all of my stash. Can't let that happen.
Yeah, I often sin at being a girl of "rich taste and poor pocket", but I love how sometimes you find those kind of pearls in a cheapy crappy little mall. When we move, I seriously might come back for it. I kid you not.



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