Monday, January 08, 2007

Hard at work

That's why there was no shop update today (that and the fact that it was too grey for photos, that I didn't sleep at night, and that etsy seems a bit erratic the last couple of days - excuses, excuses). Sorry... BUT - mark yor calendars:
On Wednsday the 10th, the new line of PaperArmadillo goods is coming! If you want a reminder (and a member freebie, ahem...) - sign up for the Shop Updates mailing list right here.
I'll leave you with some photos, I've got to go back to the sewing machine.

One messy desk

Yeah, I have a tattoo

Strawberries and yogurt (my only sort of resolution this year - eat more fruit and veggies. Yep, it's strange, considering that I'm a vegetarian. I know. I am eating more things that are green though, to your attention, Dad)

A new kitty design (more photos here, here, here and here)

And some more new toys.

See you Wednsday!

-- 1.10.2007 UPDATE --
Etsy seems to be super slow today, so the store update i taking forever. But it IS happening, so don't run away!



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