Monday, December 18, 2006

Climbing Mount Everest

Well, it looks like my creativity frenzy has been very much like the Everest: Beyond the Limits maraton I watched yesterday (except that it's colder there, I'm sure): I started it high on adrenaline, and am ending on all four.
After a week of printing, sewing and staffing penguins (only seven five four two left! Hurry up!), I immidiately went to make some coasters, and then pouches (that are selling out darn well too, thanks!) - and now.... the summit is in view... and I'm SO tired!
I got some nice fleece at my local cheapo fabric store and cut some parts to make two cats from the same pattern as Helen, only larger. And I'm sewing them v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. Despite the large amount of chocolate gelt consumed every day, I'm just pooped. I think that after finishing those two guys (and maybe a raccoon too), I'll take a break and do some knitting (I didn't knit in over a week). I have a christmas present to knit for Ant, and there's only a week to go! Yeaks!

Seems like bloglines hates me now. Sorry, but you might have to re-subscribe. Arrggg... Why can't I find a straight answer to this, must be simple, problem?

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