Sunday, November 26, 2006

More things finished (three week ago...)

Today I'm a bit under the weather, so I'm too lazy to take pictures of, and for that matter - probably shouldn't even go near, the baby gifts I knitted and sewed all of last week (you hear mom? I did it!). Instead, I'll show you the bag I sewed about three weeks ago (eek...):

It's the cover bag from this book - and I love it! It's made out of this thick denim (outside) and red 100% cotton (inside). Modifications? Dah... I think it's already a joke around here how I see a pattern (knitting/crochet/sewing/whatever) that I declare "I love it but I'm going to change x, y and z". Why? I'm picky. I'll stick to that excuse.
The most obvious modification I made is eliminating the (leather?) magnetic snap bands that close the bag. Instead, the snap is inside the bag. It looks prettier, and doesn't force me to go look for what these two squares of extra material are and where to get it in the US.

The other modification is making the pocket a more fancy, zippered one. It's more practical for always freaked out me regarding expansive stuff like cellphones. Plus - it's just plain neater.

And now I've got to go make another cup of Airborne... Poo...



At 8:47 AM, November 27, 2006, Anonymous carolyn said...

Great bag, love it.


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