Friday, December 15, 2006

What, no donuts?

It's first candle today, ladies and gentlemen! חג חנוכה שמח
And it seems this year no one is buying donuts. What?! I guess that if your idea of a Hanukkah donut is boston creme chocolate than it's nothing new or exciting and who would sell those as a holiday tradition is beyond me anyway - but no powdery bunch of dough with jelly colored sugar-juice in the center?! How can we pass the season without them? It has been years since I ate one of those original, simple delicacies that leave you nose white, your chin red and your belly rumbling but I doubt any Israeli kid (or anyone who used to be an Israeli kid) can forget the happy feeling you get when the streets start filling with that hot donut oil smell. Ah... Man, I miss that.
This year, like last year, we're making latkes and little yogurt donuts, and Ant is going to brave his way throguh "sheasa nisim la'avoteynu" again, and Suki is probably going to go nuts over the candles. So, no big powdery donuts, but tradition will be had.

Happy holidays!

To make your holidays even happier, watch this. Make sure you swallow any liquid in your mouth before clicking play, or your keyboard might get soggy. Video courtesy of Sis.
I hate Blogger beta! Not only is my bloglines feed all of a sudden non-existing, the spellchecker doesn't work! If you see something blatantly wrong, please let me know. I'm going to go bang my head on the wall now. Progress my a**!



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