Wednesday, December 20, 2006

To be?

To sew or redesign? That is the question. I finished the fleece stuffies for the shop, but... I'm not as excited about them as I thought I'd be. Why? That is the question.
I think my main problem is that I've done that before. Those kitties (they're the enlarged Helen pattern) were not that much of a challenge (Well, except for the lovely concept of stuffing a stretchy fabric. Brrr...).
Do you know what I mean? The feeling of "Nah, been there, done that"? Lots of what I love about making things is the problem solving. Making patterns, figuring things out as I go along. Making just another cute thing?... I don't know. I just feel like kind of "Next, please!"
Know the feeling?
Don't get me wrong, I love the guys to smithereens, but... Time to move on. Make different animals, different design style. I'm yet to hit the bull's eye, if there ever is such a thing in art anyway.

So these guys are going in the store later today, after a fancy photoshoot (if the clouds allow). They're still sweet, aren't they?

(Their names are Tim and Lilly, BTW)



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